Extra 300S Multiplex

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Kit RR

Extra 300S

Accu 4S 2600mAh 30C
Récepteur FrSky TFR6


Imprimer en 3D

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Voilà une petite promo chez dealextreme, $539.99, frais de port inclus.



Brand Heacent
Model 3DP02
Quantity 1 Set
Material Stainless steel + PLA
Packing List 1 x 3D printer assembly kit
1 x USB cable (150cm)
1 x US plug power cable (150cm)
1 x Software CD
1 x English Manual

Power supply: 110~220V
Printing volume XYZ: 200 x 200 x 100mm
Printing speed: 40 cubic centimeter / hour
Positional accuracy: XY: 0.012mm; Z: 0.004mm, layer thickness: 0.2mm~0.4mm
Nozzle specifications: single nozzle 0.3mm
Max. working temperature: 260 degrees
Printing material: ABS / PLA (wire diameter: 1.75mm)
Support file format: STL file
Printing speed: 40 cubic centimeter / hour
Printing resolution: XY: 0.012mm Z: 0.004mm



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Description: Moteurs swiss made et bien plus encore


Blade 350 QX, update dispo en avril….

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Attention current owners of the 350 QX (BLH7800/BLH7880) an upgrade to your firmware will be available by early April.

Firmware 2.0 Update Information
In order to update an existing 350 QX to firmware 2.0, there are two options:

Option 1: Purchase the update cable ($14.99) from Horizon Hobby (Available Early April) or your local dealer and complete the firmware installation yourself. This update is very easy to install and the software will be FREE and compatible with both PC & MAC.
Cable can now be “pre-ordered” USB-Interface: Multi Rotor Programmer by BLADE: link here (BLH7840)

Option 2: For a service charge of $75, the service department at Horizon Hobby will complete the update for you and return the product once complete. Shipping to Horizon Hobby is not covered.


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Title: Baukastenking
Description: Shopping online


RC Soaring Digest

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Le numéro d’avril de RCSD est sorti (Vol.31, No.4).

Accès direct au document pdf et c’est gratuit.

The Ampeer Newsletter

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L’édition d’avril est sortie. Format .pdf.